House Language Studio is committed to reusing furniture with good structure and a strong foundation. Pairing the furniture with unique patterns, authentic textures and creative color combinations produces an original work of art – one redone, well.

“Each house is a celebration of the spirit, a mark on this earth of that family and its special story.” Christopher Alexander

We help our clients create their own mark on this earth, of their own special story – a House Language. We bring a high level of design education, art history and ability to read color. The spice of our business includes anthropology, sociology and psychology. Everyone responds to environments differently, based upon their mood, expectations and history.

STEP 1 Discovery


Client talks / We listen / Trust is built.

STEP 2 Ideation


We generate a vision / You respond / Collaboration happens.

STEP 3 Implementation


We make the vision a reality / You approve / Your story continues.